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Main Report and follow up

View the Main Report page, which includes the accompanying documents, including a summary, the companion evidence-based narrative and a series of background documents.

The Independent Panel has developed a policy brief describing the global architecture for pandemic preparedness and response that would result from implementation of the Panel’s recommendations.

The Secretariat has also developed a mapping of which actors need to take action, when, entitled From Recommendations to Political Decisions.

No more pandemics! Bearing witness to COVID-19 and committing to a more secure future

2nd Report on Progress

Language versions: 2nd Report on Progress in Arabic, Chinese, French, Spanish, Russian

Meeting Reports

Core Documents

Additional Documents

Additional document-types include the Co-Chairs’ remarks, news releases and videos. Select the category (e.g. Co-Chairs’ remarks) to see the full list from each category.

List of document posts

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