Contribute through Questionnaires

Below you’ll find options to contribute. To begin, select the questionnaire of your choice. Kindly note that in general, your contributions will be published online unless you indicate otherwise.

We may add questionnaires over time. Thank you for your contribution.

Contribute to the Program of Work

Contribute a submission on any aspect related to the Panel’s Program of Work. The Panel’s aim is to identify evidence-based clear and implementable solutions, in order for the world to achieve the highest possible level of pandemic preparedness and response.

Contribute to the authoritative chronology

Contribute to the authoritative, evidence-based chronology of the emergence and spread of SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 disease; the recommendations made by the World Health Organization and other international and regional bodies; and of the responses made by countries. 

Contribute to “Exchange” Topics

Contribute to an Exchange topic. The “Exchange” series are virtual public town hall-style meetings aimed at listening to people with front-line experience who have evidence to share about the impact of COVID-19, and ideas to secure a world better prepared to respond to a future pandemic.

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