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The Independent Panel is committed to learning from stakeholders and invites submissions from around the world on all aspects in relation to the Panel’s Program of Work. Our aim is to identify evidence-based clear and implementable solutions, in order for the world to achieve the highest possible level of pandemic preparedness and response.

WHO Member States, civil society organisations, researchers, the private sector, and the general public are welcome to submit their contributions here, with a focus on our four main themes and the related areas of work. These include: the emergence and spread of COVID-19; the recommendations and responses of international organizations and affected countries; the impact on health, the economy and society; and about how the international system, including WHO and its Member States, can be better prepared for a future potential pandemic.

Kindly note that we aim to publish your contributions on this website, so others may learn as well. If you’d prefer your contributions to remain private, please indicate as such.

Thank you for your contribution.

Here you’ll find opportunities to contribute your evidence and ideas to the Independent Panel.

Here you can read contributions and see survey results as they’re available.

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